As we come to the end of the 2015-16 school year, it is a time to celebrate the accomplishments of our school and its students and acknowledge our committed faculty. It is a time to look back at our successes and begin making plans to build on those successes. The Totowa School District  is a very special environment, where a sense of pride and community is evident in everything that we do. Our district's progress and our desire for continuous school improvement are because of our students. We continue to put our students first! So, to all of our students, teachers and parents, I would like to say thank you for your support and for another amazing school year.

My best wishes for a safe, restful and fun-filled summer!


We have added Summer Enrichment Classes to the website. These classes run from June 27th-August 21st. Please click on the link in the Quick Links section to view the different classes we offer.


Totowa Broadcast News has uploaded the 8th Grade commencement ceremony to our YouTube channel. It is in two parts, here are the links:

Totowa Commencement Ceremony Part 1

Totowa Commencement Ceremony Part 2