With the third marking period well under way, we want to express our gratitude to everyone for your continued support of our students, teachers, and school as we collectively strive to provide optimal opportunities for learning each and every day. We look forward to many exciting programs and events in the upcoming months and continue to celebrate the milestones our children have achieved.

As we complete the third marking period, I am extremely proud of the accomplishments that the students of the Totowa School District have achieved. We truly have a special school environment which is the result of our students, staff and parents working together! *read the Totowa Torch Blog for more*

Our teachers continue to demonstrate their unending dedication to our students to foster an environment which is conducive to their social, emotional and academic growth. Our PTO has afforded our children with many wonderful opportunities, and their dedicated members have continued to strengthen our schools.

The encouragement from parents, faculty, administration, and the Totowa community has been extremely rewarding and demonstrates a true commitment to helping our children learn and feel successful.