NJ Start Strong

What is NJSLA?
The New Jersey Student Learning Assessment (NJSLA) is a set of assessments to measure student achievement and preparedness for college and careers.
Students: Will know if they are on track to graduate ready for college/careers.
Teachers: Will have access to timely data to guide learning and instruction.
Parents: Will have clear and timely information about student progress.
States: Will have valid results that are comparable across state borders.

The NJSLA assessments serve as an "educational GPS system," assessing students' current performance, and pointing the way to what students need to learn to be ready for the next grade level and, by high school graduation, for college and/or a career. The NJSLA assessments are designed to give schools and teachers more information to improve instruction. Moreover, NJSLA is designed to let parents know how their child is progressing academically. This more detailed information can lead to strong engagement between parents and teachers.