Welcome to the Totowa School's PTO Virtual Book Bag. Here you will find PTO fundraising and event information.  If you have any questions you can email the PTO at 

Payment can be any of the following, whether submitting form online or sending into school:

Check to School (Please make check out to TOTOWA PTO in a sealed envelope labeled with the following information: Fund Raiser Name, Your Name, Child(ren) Name and Grade)

Venmo @TotowaPTO   (When sending payment through Venmo please label the transaction with Fundraiser Name, Your Name, Child(ren) Name and Grade) 

Welcome Letter 2023-2024  Download
General Meeting Flyer October 2023  Download
2023-2024 PTO Membership Form  Download
Welcome meetings/committees’ flyer  Download

General Meeting Flyer March 2024  Download

Last Day 2024 Pizza  Download
Field Day Ice Pop Flyer  Download
Ingredient List Ice Pops  Download
SAD day flyer  Download
Ice pop ingredient list wps  Download
Halloween treats flyer  Download
Halloween ingredient list  Download
Jersey Mikes  Download
On the go –Tiki Bowls Fundraiser  Download
Holiday Treats 2023  Download
Holiday Ingredient List  Download
January Bulletin  Download

Kids Tricky Tray Flyer  Download
Family Fun Night Pumpkin Picking Flyer  Download
Holiday Gift Shop Flyer  Download
Book Fair Flyer 2024  Download
Book Fair E-Wallet 2024  Download
Book Fair Teacher Wish List 2024  Download
6th_7th Grade Event 2024 T-Bowl Permission slip  Download
Bubba Koo's Flyer  Download
Family Bingo Flyer  Download
Wendy's Fundraiser Flyer  Download
save-the-date-flyer-kids-tricky-tray24.  Download
donation-drop-offkids24  Download
Family Fun Night  Go

Spring Flowers Flyer  Download
Smashburger “on the Go” fundraiser  Download
Fall Mum Sale Flyer  Download
Charleston Wrap Flyer23-24  Download
2023 Pie Cookie Cheesecake  Download
PTO Adult Tricky Tray Flyer basket drop off  Download
PTO Fall Tricky Tray Flyer  Download
Totowa Titans Web Store  Download
Save the Date Kids Tricky Tray  Download
Kids Tricky Tray Donation Drop off  Download
Totowa Titans Web Store Link  Go
PTO Fall Tricky Tray Tickets  Go
Fall Mum Sale Online  Go

WPS Penny Wars Flyer  Download

PTO Titan’s Web Store Flyer  Download
Titans Webstore Link  Go

Spring Pictures Flyer  Download
Order Link  Go

Gift Card Raffle  Download

8th Grade Event Permission Slip  Download

Gertrude Hawk Flyer 2024  Download
Gertrude Hawk Letter  Download

Totowa Titans Web Store  Download
Titans Web Store Link  Go

Box Top Letter  Download
Box Top Flyer  Download

Pictures ordering instructions  Download
Spring Picture Flyer  Download

Holiday plant sale flyer  Download
Holiday plant sale order link  Go

4th & 5th Grade Event  Download