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The Totowa Board of Education and its' staff is dedicated to providing a comprehensive education, relative to the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, in the areas of academics, the visual and performing arts, athletics, social/emotional growth, and workplace readiness for success in life.

Totowa School District Board of Education:

Heather Antonucci - President:

Julie Alesandrelli- Vice President:

Gary Bierach:

Rose Marie Carr:

Kristen Coiro:

Gregory La Rose:

Danny Palazzo:

Joseph Parlegreco:

Nicholas Vancheri:




1.  Provide effective leadership for quality instruction and high, equitable student learning.

  • To set and communicate high expectations for student learning with clear goals and a focus on strengthening instruction.
  • To support conditions for success through board actions and decisions.
  • To hold the system accountable to reach student learning goals.
  • To build the collective commitment of community and staff to achieve the student learning goals.
  • To continue to assist teachers in creating a learning environment that is student-centered and problem-based and where students are active participants in the learning process.
  • To ensure that instructional time is maximized by actively addressing tardiness and absenteeism. 
  • To learn together as a whole team to inform decision-making around the student learning goals.

2.   Increase the relevance of technology infusion in classroom instruction.

  • To integrate digital literacy into everyday classroom instruction and ensure all students are provided the highest quality of education and 21st century learning environments.
  • To provide robust professional development opportunities for all faculty in the effective use of instructional technology utilized to engage students in higher order thinking activities.
  • To increase the relevance and frequency of technology infused instruction to improve student learning.
  • To create an environment where students will demonstrate a sound understanding of ethical, respectful, and responsible use of technology.

3.  Implement a proactive approach to address the social, emotional, health and wellness of all students and staff commensurate with the extraordinary challenges facing the district.

  • Create an action plan to support social/emotional/behavioral needs of students and staff that incorporate consistent teaching of expectations, use of data, identification of in school support services, identification of outside agency support services and referral procedures.
  • To create a clean and safe environment with an atmosphere of inclusion, acceptance, and mutual respect, where students can develop emotionally, physically, and intellectually.
  • To promote character development, social relationships, and good citizenship, which foster a positive learning environment that benefits the entire school community.

4.  To promote an organizational culture which supports and promotes a culture of excellence in teaching and learning through increased and improved opportunities for quality professional development. 

  • To develop high-functioning professional staff emphasizing professional learning communities, mentoring opportunities, and school-based professional development based off the needs of the district as well as individual schools.
  • To provide a comprehensive mentoring program for non-tenured staff.
  • To support the school and district teams in order to improve and enhance teaching practices and support the social and emotional well-being of the staff and students.


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