Totowa Broadcast News

Totowa Broadcast News is produced by middle school students at Washington Park School in Totowa, N.J. TBN members plan, shoot and write news scripts. They edit using iMacs and Final Cut Pro X. Students also shoot school events. Initially, we shot with three cameras. Now we use up to eight cameras to record school concerts, for example. We now shoot every production in HD. Moreover, students produce a variety of in-class videos such as commercials and dramatic scenes. Below are some useful links if you want to learn about shooting and editing videos, and technology. Remember, however, that the most important skill you need is to become a good writer. In video production, you are combining words and images to communicate. Whether it's news, documentaries, music videos, commercials, public service announcements or filmmaking, you must write it down and plan before you press the record button.

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